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This part of the site all started when I became a member of an ibogaine newsletter. One reader posted a story of his user days that blew me away. I asked him if I could use it, and...

The Colors of H
The life of a Asian junkie is hard as illustrated in this tragic-comic tale of life in Malaysia.
Test Drive
A junkie test drives a new car to two years in jail, and...
A heroin user learns that lies work both ways.
Bad Fentanyl Patches
A user eats Duragesic® until he almost dies.
Dr. H in Montana
Dr. H supporting world terrorism in Montana.
Christmas in Mobile
A Mobile resident reflects on the long heroin drought in Mobile and what local heroin users really want for Christmas.
Just like everywhere else, police enforcement of drug laws have only made things worse in Philadelphia.
This is my own personal experience with a user who was intent on killing himself. You can't help everyone--even people who you love (and I didn't love this guy).
Not Black
Sometimes it can be hard not being black when you're a junkie.
San Francisco: Feb Something 1993
A "day in the life" story of a junkie suffering from cotton fever and whatnot. This is a very well written story that has a transcendent truth.
Smack in the Middle of Israel
A young man leaves the United States to kick dope in Israel with its easy availability of high quality dope at low cost.
Attack in Portland
A couple of desperate junkies make a plan and execute it. This is a very sad and frightening story. You might not want to read it if you are highly empathic.
Portland Is Swimming in Dope
Portland is the number two heroin city in the United States, after New York. The writer shows a good example.
A Bad Time with Ibogaine
A woman finds that ibogaine is not all she had hoped in her quest for a clean life.
Slow Down
Some things in life should not be rushed--like a detox.

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