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The Sting of Withdrawal
This is not an article about detox
Purifying Heroin
Purifying Heroin Again
Two methods for purifying street heroin. The first procedure is the standard one--widely distributed on the web. The second is a better and safer procedure. It was developed by a Heroin Helper reader, and is not available elsewhere. (It should be, however. I grant the right to distribute it as long as it is presented as it appears--including copyright notice and editor's note--along with a note that states that it is provided through the courtesy of Heroin Helper.
Cold Shooting
"Cold Shooting" is injecting a solution of heroin that was not boiled first. Some users feel that boiling the solution is wasteful. It is, but the problems associated with cold shooting don't make it a good idea.
Bleaching Syringes
Sharpening Syringes
Sink Joy
These articles contain information on keeping the administration of heroin as clean and safe as possible.
Avoiding Arteries Part 1
Avoiding Arteries Part 2
Injecting into arteries is a waste of drugs, very painful, and potentially deadly. Learn to minimize the risk of injecting into arteries.
Removing Track Marks
What is the difference between tracks and scars and how do you get rid of them?
Where to Inject
Some parts of the body are safer to inject into than others.
Smoking Heroin
One Person Smoking
Many of the problems associated with using heroin can be avoided by smoking it rather than injecting it. The second article explains an invention that allows a person to smoke heroin by himself.
Can You OD Smoking Heroin?
Although it is hard, you can OD smoking heroin.
Why Users Inject Heroin
Two to Three
Why Purity Has Increased
Heroin is associated with injection more than any other street drug. In this series of articles, we show why this is.
Cooking Ahead
Is it safe to cook heroin ahead of time, put it in a syringe, and use it at some later time?

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