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Hiding Drugs After a Score

Most of the time when a heroin user get arrested for possession, it is because a cop searched him and found product. It is not usually the case that a cop grabs a buyer's hand just as he is taking the drug package from the dealer. The cop normally notices something that gives him probably cause to search the user. Cops are trained to search people and places (including, of course, cars) and they are usually pretty good at it. If there is something to find, they will most likely find it.

How Street Dealers Protect Themselves

This is why street dealers normally keep their product in their mouths wrapped in small balloons. If a cop comes snooping, the dealer can swallow the evidence. The balloons protect the drugs inside because rubber is not digested; after swallowing, the dealer can vomit them back up (if it hasn't been too long) or defecate them out.

Without the physical evidence of drugs actually seized, it is almost impossible to convict someone of possession. It isn't illegal to simply have things. The police officer must find the substance in a person's possession and show (usually through a chemical analysis) that it is illegal to possess.

Hiding Drugs After a Street Buy

When scoring on the street, the buyer has few options regarding where to hide the drugs. Many people follow the lead of the dealers and put them in their mouths. There are a few problems with this, however.

Where Has Your Dealer's Mouth Been?

First, the buyer must be willing to take something from the dealer's mouth and put it in his own. Straight people might think that it's funny that a heroin user would be willing to (in many cases) inject a drug they bought from a stranger, but would be unwilling to share minor amounts of saliva. I suppose there is a certain irony here, but it isn't as strong as one might think. Before injection, the drugs are boiled, thus destroying most diseases. Also, the drugs themselves are usually fairly pure. They were created in a chemistry lab where a high level of cleanliness was necessary. The drugs are normally cut, but they are cut with pure things like sugar and coffee.

Stashing Unnoticed

If the buyer doesn't care about potential diseases from the dealer's mouth, he must still figure out how to get the drugs into his mouth without being obvious. Cops are aware that people hide drugs (especially heroin) in their mouths, so an obvious action of putting something into one's mouth might well catch an officer's attention.

There are various things that can be done. Most involve some kind of diversion. For example, you could slip or sneeze. The problem with these is that they all call attention to you. Another approach is to simply do it as fast as possible. You could also light up a cigarette, which should give you enough cover to get the drugs into your mouth.

Swallowing When Necessary

Probably the biggest problem with hiding drugs in one's mouth is that cops attack buyers quickly and do various things to stop them from swallowing the drugs. One effective technique is to grab the buyer around the throat until he spits out the drugs. Even if the drugs are swallowed in time, it is a sure bet that the buyer will get beat up because of the frustration of the cop.

Street Scoring Tips

The best advice there is on hiding drugs when you score on the street is this: Don't score on the street. You are safer if you know the dealer and can communicate via pager or cell phone. But regardless, you are safest when you score in private.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you must score on the street, it is in your best interest to practice swallowing. Buy some balloons and make up practice drug packages (the same size as the ones you buy). Time how long it takes you to swallow how ever many bags you normally buy. Work on reducing the time. Most people have trouble swallowing things without water. There is not a cop in the world who is going to wait around for you to drink some water before searching your mouth.

As you practice, experiment with placing the drugs in different places. Some places allow you to swallow much more quickly than others. Also be sure to keep all the bags in one location. You won't have time to swallow more than once.

Be Paranoid: They Are Out to Get You

One last thing you can do is give way to your paranoia. Swallow with the slightest provocation. You won't lose the drugs--it will just be a pain to get them back and you may have to wait a while. If you're really worried, you can swallow right away.

Hiding Drugs In Private

It is a mistake to hide drugs in your clothing. If a cop searches you, he is almost certain to find them. It is also a mistake to hide them in your car, although you may have a really good spot that a cop would miss. Your best bet is to hide the drugs in your body.

Nose, Ears, and Mouth

If you are trying to conceal a small quantity of drugs, you may use your mouth, nose or ears. The mouth has the same issues we already discussed. The nose and ears have the advantage that they are not common hiding places. They have the disadvantage that if a cop decides to search in these places, there is nothing that you can do. The nose is less likely to be noticed, but it is possible to accidentally blow it out of its hiding place should you sneeze or just breath hard. It could also just fall out due to gravity. In using the ears, you must make sure that you can still hear or this will call attention to the ears.

The Anus and Vagina

For those smuggling large amounts of drugs, the anus is the typical location. There is no reason that it cannot be used for smaller amounts on a day to day basis. The reason is that in order to do a cavity search, the officer must take you into custody. This means that under normal circumstances, the anus is a very safe place to hide drugs for a short period of time.

Women have the advantage that they can use their vagina as a hiding place. For the purposes of this discussion, the vagina and the anus are equivalent. In either case, the drugs should be placed inside of a condom. A lubricated condom not only protects the drugs, it also makes sticking it inside yourself easier and less painful. If the package is small, the condom also "bulks it up" and makes it less likely to get lost inside of you (this is surprisingly easy to do).

Hiding Your Tracks (not the ones on your arms!)

There are a few things that you can do to keep a cop from catching on to what you have done. First, both the anus and the vagina have distinctive smells. You should wash your hands thoroughly after inserting the drugs. Second, dispose of the condom wrapper. Both of these things (along with whatever caused the cop to stop you in the first place) could encourage a cop to take you into custody for a cavity search.

The Anus is Best

Although it is probably easier and less revolting for women to use their vaginas instead of their anuses, the anus is the preferred location. Most cops are men, and some are not ethical. They are much more likely to do an illegal search of a woman's vagina than of her anus. Even though such a search should not result in a conviction, you still lose the drugs you bought, spend a certain amount of time in jail, and are effectively raped.

Keeping Safe In All Cases

Whenever you are scoring drugs, make sure that you are squeaky clean with regards to the law. Don't score when you are under the influence of drugs--this is more likely to draw a cop to you in addition to the fact that you will not be at your keenest. Don't carry paraphernalia like syringes with you. Don't speed if you're driving. Don't J-walk, if you're on foot. You get the idea.

It is also a good idea to make a bee-line home after you are done buying your drugs. If you go into a grocery store, for example, you open yourself to being searched. Even though such a search will not turn up stollen property (what they are looking for), they will not ignore drugs or drug paraphernalia--not with the reputation drugs have these days.

The Risks of Scoring

Scoring at your dealer's house is probably the safest way to do so as long as you can hide the drugs in your anus and wash up before you leave. Having dealers come to your home, while convenient, can be dangerous if your dealer comes by often and doesn't stay long. Still, it is much better than scoring on the street in known selling areas.

In the end, the only way to be truly safe is to not score. If you score often enough, you will eventually be arrested; that's simple statistics--something will go wrong and you will get popped. The less often you score, the less likely you will be to get arrested in your lifetime. The less you use, the safer you are. If you really want to be safe, don't use at all. This is an option, although users often forget this.

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Last Modified: 9 January 2004