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Poppy Detox
Jim Hogshire's method for detoxing by using dried poppies.
Improving Methadone Detox
Methadone clinics can end the 2 mg cliff at the end of a 21-day detox.
Buprenorphine Detox
The buprenorphine detox is probably the most painless of the detox options. For the last couple of years in the United States, it has the added benefit of being available through private doctors.
Boredom is often a primary cause of someone becoming addicted to heroin. It is also likely to make staying off hard.
After the Detox
Kicking dope is just the first part of "kicking dope" read about how to stay off heroin once you've given it up.
Professional Detox
Just because you have a "professional" detoxing you, doesn't mean you can just follow along and do what you're told. The more you know, the better, less-pain, more effective detox you will receive.
Methadone Drug Interactions
Many drugs can affect the level of methadone in the body.
Estimating Your Habit
It can be very difficult to estimate the amount of heroin you do each day because of all the cutting that dealers do. This article provides an easy way to determine how much heroin you are doing--a critical bit of knowledge when you are trying to ween yourself from heroin using another opioid like methadone.
Pill ID
This is an interface for the RX-List pill imprint database which allows you to identify pills. This is one of the greatest online resources.
Withdrawal Syndrome
This is an overview of what the body goes through during withdrawal.
How Bad?
There will likely be little discomfort from a gradual methadone detox.
Methadone Self-Detox
Part 1: Using a Clinic
Part 2: Detox without a Clinic
Part 3: Acquiring Methadone
Part 4: Maintenance
A four article series about how to use methadone to detox. The first article is about how to use a clinic methadone detox to the best advantage. The second is on how to circumvent the clinic. The third article follows directly by discussing how to acquire methadone outside the clinic system. The last article discusses how to best use methadone maintenance programs.
Detox Nightmares
Part 1: Detox Nightmares
Part 2: Ibogaine
Part 3: Antagonist
Part 4: Detox Options
This collection of articles deals with some of the problems that can occur when a patient allows his healthcare provider too much power over him. Knowledge is the key. Read. Read.
Codeine Detox
Weening with Codeine
Acquiring Codeine
The first article shows how to detox yourself by switching from heroin to codeine and then slowly weening yourself from the codeine. The information could be transferred to any other opioid. The second article explains the procedure for removing aspirin and caffeine from codeine-containing pills that are available over the counter in Canada, the United Kingdom, and other "progressive" nations. See the chemistry section for related information.
Acupuncture is used to treat heroin withdrawal symptoms. Although the manner it which it is helpful is unclear, it certainly helps. Acupuncture is known to be an effective pain reliever. Do not think, however, that acupuncture alone is an effective detox treatment.
McDermott's Do-It-Yourself Detox
This article provides a good over-view of the process of detoxing yourself. It does not contain any information on the detox itself, however. For example, there is no information on drugs you will need to make the process bearable. The article is focused on the psychological aspects of the process.
The Recovery Board
Rational Recovery
SMART Recovery
All You Need Know About NA

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