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This site might be called heroin helper dot com, but there is very little commercial about it. I do use it to sell my books. But a month when I sell five books is a really big month. The profits from the books are not as great as the cost of running the site: domain registration, hosting, and access. In addition to this, I spend enormous amounts of time working on this site. It takes 20 hours per week, just to answer the e-mail that we get.

Other people donate time as well. Debra spends a lot of time writing articles and researching questions. People like Patrick Kroupa of Mindvox and the folks over at Dilaudid.Net and Heroin Pages provide time and knowledge. And readers give us stories and ideas.

In other words, a lot of people do a lot of work on this site, and the purpose is to make the lives of heroin users better and safer.

Use of Heroin Helper comes with some restrictions.

  1. Don't use our information for illegal purposes
  2. Information is not guaranteed
  3. Access is limited to mentally competent adults
  4. Users understand our purpose
  5. Harm can come from unlikely sources, we exist to help

Don't Use Our Information to Break the Law

Heroin Helper does not provide information to allow people to break the law--regardless of how immoral those laws may be. We are not fools, however. We understand that heroin users commonly break the law by possessing heroin. The information that is provided here is for informational purpose only--to allow people to gain greater legal knowledge and skills. We want this knowledge to help law-breakers stay free, healthy, and alive until they change to being law-abiding citizens.

It is against the law to use heroin. We do not provide information on how to use heroin. We provide information to safely live through that illegal activity. We get a large amount of e-mail from people considering trying heroin for the first time. We respond with detailed information on why this isn't a good idea, not just a brief, "don't do it". We are not in the business of telling people what to do and what not to do. But when communicating information to people who regularly break the law, we carefully provide a full, objective picture of what is at issue.

The Teen Challenge website would no doubt simply tell a new heroin user not to inject heroin into an artery because it is wrong to inject heroin. We tell them that drugs are injected into veins. Injecting into an artery causes serious health problems including possible death. A living heroin user can become a law abiding citizen; a dead heroin user is simply a dead human being.

The information related to illegal activities found on Heroin Helper is provided for the legal aspects of the illegal activities. For example, it is not illegal to administer CPR to bank robber who just had a heart attach. That is the nature of the information that Heroin Helper provides.

This is a subtle distinction. In simplest terms, it is worse to let a person involved in an illegal activity die by providing him with no or incorrect information. We do not provide information about how to administer drugs to get higher; we provide information about how to administer drugs to be safer.

We Make Mistakes

No document or group of documents is without errors. We try very hard to make the information contained on Heroin Helper as accurate as possible. But we make mistakes. Just recently, a reader pointed out that the potency of oxycodone is a little more than that of morphine. We had reported its potency as one-half morphine's. We made the correction immediately, and printed a retraction. We are glad when errors are pointed out and see that they are corrected.

Errors occur, however, and they will continue to occur. If you find some information on Heroin Helper that seems questionable, please contact us. We prefer that you be polite, but we'll still fix the errors pointed out by the rudest of people.

Heroin Helper cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information found on this site. If you use the information found on this site for important purposes, be sure that you get at least a couple other definitive information sources to corroborate our information.

This Site is Rated "R"

Children are only welcome on Heroin Helper when accompanied by an appropriate adult who takes responsibility for controlling the experience. Think of Heroin Helper like you would an "R" rated movie. You will likely be asked some difficult questions.

We understand that there are under-aged heroin users. Our official position on under-aged heroin use is clear: children should not do recreation drugs; recreational drug use by children slows emotional and intellectual development. However, we are trying to find a way that we can serve the needs of child heroin users. We are against the re-use of syringes, but we provide information on how to do it in the safest way. Child heroin users should not die because we think they shouldn't be using drugs. More later on this complex issue.

"You Say 'Felony', I say 'Hobby'"

This site neither glamorizes nor demonizes heroin use. Anyone reading through this site with an open mind will most likely come to the conclusion that using heroin is pleasurable, but that it isn't worth all the work it takes and risks it exposes the user to. The life of a casual heroin user is decidedly more difficult than the life on a non-user. The life of a heroin addict is unimaginably difficult, with very little compensation for the trouble. Having said this, Heroin Helper treats heroin use as though it were any other hobby--more dangerous than stamp collecting, but less dangerous than rock climbing.

Does Heroin Helper Cause "Relapse"?

Some people have argued that Heroin Helper is dangerous because it could act as a catalyst to cause an ex-addict to start using again. This argument is specious, I think. It is not meant to open a debate but to stop one from happening.

First, this argument cannot be countered. Anything can cause an ex-addict to start using again. I have documented three "relapses" that were sparked by "Partnership for a Drug-Free America" anti-heroin adds. The girl destroying the kitchen with a frying pan is an impressive and romantic image of the drug viewed next to the clinical content and style of Heroin Helper. Mostly, we make heroin use sound about as much fun as a trip to the proctologist.

The second reason I think our detractors are rhetorical is that they are forcing readers upon us that we don't have. Heroin Helper is what it says it is. It doesn't announce itself as a recovery site when it is really a bunch of pictures of people shooting up. In this way, sites such as Heroin Pages and Heroin Times are much worse because they are focused on "recovery", but provide content that well might be considered positive by ex-addicts. Heroin Helper is not a "recovery" site; in fact, we don't even believe in "recovery"; addiction is only a disease of our society ("Power Addiction", "Control Addiction", "Cruelty Addiction").

From the very beginning, we have been careful not to market this site in such a way that it could cause harm. We don't do random mailings; we don't place banner ads on C-Net; any more, we don't do anything at all in terms of publicity. It is true that searches for "heroin" or "heroin safety" or "heroin information" will bring us up on good search engines. But what fragile new ex-addict will be searching for those? The closest they might come is a search on "heroin recovery". Using Google, Heroin Helper doesn't appear until the ninth page at position 95. And even if they get there, that is just a link to information about Rational Recovery and SMART Recovery.

This site is dangerous, however, because all information is dangerous. It doesn't matter that this site is dangerous. What matters is whether this site makes the world a better place. It does. If it is good to save an overdose victim by providing medical attention, it must be good to provide information to heroin users on how to help a friend who has overdosed. If it is good to provide needle exchanges to heroin users, it must be good to provide information about where those exchanges are and what to do if those in need can't get to one. If it is wrong to incarcerate heroin addicts, then it is right to help them avoid arrest for heroin possession.

The other side of this holds as well. It is wrong to recklessly endanger other people without their consent, so there is no information on this site about how to drive a car under the influence of heroin without being detected by police. It is wrong to steal to support a drug habit, so there is no information on this site about new scams that people are using (and trust me, we hear about them). Hurting people is not our business.

If Heroin Helper is causing real harm, not some vague and unsubstantiated bit of common knowledge:

Show us!

We'll stop on a dime. We are here to help. It is as simple as that: We are here to help.

by Dr. H © 2003
Last Modified: 14 January 2004