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Site Map

  1. home (what up)
  2. my books (dr. h)
    1. little book of heroin (introduction)
      1. sample chapter (brain chemistry)
    2. heroin user's handbook (for users mostly)
    3. little book of opium (the best on opium)
      1. sample chapter (history)
    4. ordering information
    5. ordering form
  3. angry (political articles)
    1. philosophy (our philosophy)
    2. pure food and drug act (an evil little act)
    3. white in the middle of richmond (hey white boy)
    4. racial profiling (the new racism)
    5. not black (honkies keep out)
    6. harm reduction pretense (cannabis leads nowhere)
    7. ibogaine experience (not the perfect detox)
    8. heroin in mainstream publishing (bad books sell well)
    9. suicide (you can't help some people)
    10. worst crime (drug use is worse than murder)
    11. one giant leap nowhere (medical cannabis is dead-end)
    12. how to not remove fentanyl from patches (stay alive)
    13. wonderful things (a user's education)
    14. rant not rave (brief, topical rants)
      1. crime watch (racism by any other name)
      2. tom sizemore is no cop (learning to like tom)
      3. one man's junk... (1-800-got-junk)
      4. richard hell knows smack (cagey misdirection)
      5. suicide kings (junkies just like us)
      6. you got trouble! (brief history of hysteria)
      7. heretics of heroin (they got us pegged)
      8. traffic (i see nottthhhing)
      9. the crew (drug dealing worse than murder)
      10. 911 (guess what 9-11-01 will bring)
      11. farmworkers (cotton fever)
      12. publishing hypocrisy (heroin bad; opium good)
      13. save us from our protectors (big brother)
      14. is this it? (enough with the politics)
      15. cops cause crime (police don't produce)
    15. drcnet (articles from drcnet)
      1. a tale of two justices (drug war hypocrisy)
      2. walters on trial (drug csar misuses public funds)
      3. drcnet interview: harry levine (forget drug courts)
      4. corrupt cop of the week (above what law?)
  4. curious (information about heroin)
    1. recommended reading (books worth reading)
    2. chemistry (chemistry of opioids)
      1. basic brain chemistry (why opioids affect the brain)
      2. problems with urine tests (drug testing basics)
      3. acetic anhydride? (suspect chemicals)
      4. making vicodin less toxic (removing acetaminophen)
      5. opioid stats (melting points, structures, ld's)
      6. injecting pills (prepare pills for injection)
        1. swallow pills (what they're for)
        2. internet pill recipes (internet info)
        3. better pill injection (use your oven)
        4. ms-contin® injection (cold water extraction)
      7. extracting codeine (getting codeine from pills)
      8. purifying heroin(cleaning street smack)
      9. isolating codeine from 222s (caffeine be gone)
      10. undcp heroin lies (common heroin lies)
      11. two to three (how strong is heroin vs. morphine)
      12. rhodium drug chemistry archive (annotated guide)
    3. cultivation (global statistics)
      1. traditional opium production (indian opium)
      2. non-traditional opium production (usa approved)
      3. illicit opium production (un's guess)
      4. total opium production (87% illegal, 13% legal)
      5. opium producing countries (india and the rabble)
      6. opium products (turning morphine into codeine)
      7. heroin retail prices (drug war must be working)
      8. heroin wholesale prices (yep, it's that drug war)
      9. cultivation data (combined cultivation data)
    4. glossary (extensive definitions)
    5. history (heroin and opium history)
      1. frontline mistakes (correcting tv errors)
      2. opium history (6,000 years of opium)
      3. french connection (free market in heroin)
      4. opium/heroin timeline (6,000 years of events)
    6. law (heroin law is more complex than its pharmacology)
      1. syringe law (california loophole)
    7. pharmacology (heroin effects)
      1. strength of opioids (opioid comparisons)
      2. why users inject heroin (it ain't the thrill)
    8. sociology (social aspects of heroin use)
      1. heroin experiences (story of life with h)
      2. teen challenge (helping teens by lying)
        1. teen letter 1 (correcting first set of lies)
        2. teen letter 2 (correcting second set of lies)
  5. worried (information for loved ones)
    1. heroin is different (stopping is hard)
    2. encouraging junkies to "clean up" (stop nagging)
    3. do as i say (it's hard)
    4. a junkie dies (dealing with death)
    5. bad friends (how to be a bad friend)
  6. user (information for users)
    1. administration (safe heroin ingestion)
      1. cold shots (boiling solutions)
      2. bleaching syringes (cleaning syringes)
      3. sharpening syringes (dull syringes)
      4. sink joy (bathrooms)
      5. avoiding arteries part 1 (veins good, arteries bad)
      6. avoiding arteries part 2 (why arteries bad)
      7. removing track marks (scars vs. tracks)
      8. where to inject (not all areas are equal)
      9. smoking heroin (how to smoke heroin)
      10. smoking heroin alone (not recommended)
      11. can you od smoking heroin? (how safe is smoking)
      12. why users inject heroin (it ain't the thrill)
      13. two to three (heroin vs. morphine)
      14. why purity has increased (dea helping out)
      15. cooking ahead (old heroin)
    2. health (health issues for users)
      1. leukoencephalopathy (smoker's disease)
      2. abscesses (the basics)
      3. more on abscesses (avoiding abscesses)
      4. blood abscesses (don't inject blood)
      5. cotton fever (the final word)
      6. diseases (heroin-related problems)
      7. sudden death part 1 (dying)
      8. sudden death part 2 (overdose)
      9. sudden death part 3 (mixing depressants)
      10. sudden death part 4 (speedballs)
      11. sudden death part 5 (avoiding death)
      12. sudden death part 6 (dealing with it)
      13. sudden death part 7 (things to do)
      14. upmc hepatitis letter (corrections)
    3. acquisition (scoring without arrest, theft, or death)
      1. right to life (acquiring syringes)
      2. exchanges (using syringe exchanges)
      3. gauging syringes (understanding syringes)
      4. hiding drugs (hiding drugs for transport)
      5. scoring on the street (the worst environment)
      6. pagers (managing dealers)
      7. over-charged for smack (value)
      8. stuck with tar? (types of heroin)
    4. misc (other issues that didn't fit elsewhere)
      1. chipper tips (staying unaddicted and undetected)
      2. making the best (using addiction to your advantage)
      3. cutting heroin (spoiling heroin)
      4. urine tests (drug testing basics)
    5. heroin experiences (stories about heroin users)
      1. bad patches (don't chew)
      2. dr. h in montana (cool shades)
      3. mobile, alabama (junkie christmas)
      4. philadelphia (how times have changed)
      5. suicide (you can't help some)
      6. not black (almost arrested being white)
      7. san francisco: feb something 1993 (cotton fever)
      8. smack in the middle of israel (detoxing in israel)
      9. attack in portland (junkies almost kill a dealer)
      10. portland is swimming in dope (i'm drowning)
      11. a bad time with ibogaine (no perfect detox)
      12. slow down (pay a lot, suffer a lot)
  7. sick (information on detoxing from heroin)
    1. methadone drug interactions (stabalize your dose)
    2. estimating your habit (price not weight)
    3. withdrawal syndrome (withdrawal is...)
    4. how bad? (painless methadone detox)
    5. part 1: using a clinic (methadone clinics)
    6. part 2: detox without a clinic (methadone without a clinic)
    7. part 3: acquiring methadone (illegal methadone)
    8. part 4: maintenance methadone maintenance)
    9. part 1: detox nightmares (take care detoxing)
    10. part 2: ibogaine (ibogaine can go wrong)
    11. part 3: antagonist (rapid detox can go wrong)
    12. part 4: detox options (more than one way...)
    13. weening with codeine (slow opioid decrease)
    14. acquiring codeine (getting codeine)
    15. acupuncture (acupuncture can help)
    16. mcdermott's do-it-yourself detox (psychological view)
  8. bored (entertainment)
    1. comic strips (multi-panel cartoons)
      1. mary h (junkie cosmetologist)
    2. cartoons (single-panel cartoons)
      1. happy cop (shootin's fun)
      2. life in jail (a good lawyer)
      3. emphysema (don't smoke)
      4. shop (which isle)
      5. horse (old folks)
      6. how to succeed in business... (high five)
      7. safety rules (young lovers)
      8. no good (bad black boy)
      9. no liquor (yuppie choices)
      10. reading (liberal education)
    3. puzzles (heroin related puzzles)
      1. chess problem (queening seems right)
      2. another chess problem (material's not all)
      3. crossword problem (hard puzzle)
      4. find problem (at last, an easy one)
    4. stories (fiction)
      1. a long hard day (arrested)
      2. another shitty monday (dope sick)
      3. san francisco: feb something 1993 (cotton fever)
      4. attack in portland (junkies almost kill a dealer)
      5. philadelphia (how times have changed)
      6. suicide (you can't help some)
      7. not black (almost arrested being white)
      8. portland is swimming in dope (i'm drowning)
      9. a bad time with ibogaine (no perfect detox)
      10. slow down (pay a lot, suffer a lot)
    5. heroin celebrities (famous heroin users)
      1. john belushi (big on cocaine helper)
      2. david bowie (big on cocaine helper)
      3. william s. burroughs (live fast, die old)
      4. kurt cobain (not what you'd think)
      5. miles davis (chipper to the end)
      6. thomas de quincy (big on opium helper)
      7. robert downey, jr. (most oppressed man in us)
        1. biography (lots of lies)
        2. ghostwriter (hire me)
        3. 2 august 2000 (not free yet)
        4. 15 december 2000 (set up)
        5. 5 may 2001 (leave him alone)
        6. 27 march 2002 (most challenging role)
      8. ben franklin (big on opium helper)
      9. jerry garcia (big on everything helper)
      10. boy george (wimpy junkie)
      11. herman goering (big on morphine helper)
      12. billie holiday (too sad)
      13. bela lugosi (bad movies, good dope)
      14. charlie parker (a life in pain)
      15. edgar allan poe (big on opium helper)
      16. elvis presley (anti-drug crusading junkie)
      17. elvis and nixon (like minded)
      18. keith richards (big on everything helper)
      19. tom sizemore (big on heat helper)
      20. james taylor (junkie or just messed up)
  9. locate (find the information you need)
    1. site map (what you're reading)
    2. search (the nuclear solution)
  10. contact (send us e-mail)
    1. dr. h (questions)
    2. admin (site problems)
    3. editial matters (submissions)
    4. sales (help us)
  11. meta site (about the site)
    1. terms of service (rules)
    2. friends (other websites worth visiting)
    3. running (how hh runs)
      1. changing focus (why the change?)
      2. new structure (what the change?)
      3. added value mission (we're worth more)

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