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This section of the Heroin Helper could be titled "Politics", but I think that "Angry" is more appropriate. When it comes to drug politics, it is hard not to be angry. The simple truth is that drug laws are hypocritical and just plain stupid. Whenever I get thinking about drug politics, I get angry. I think this is true of any thoughtful person. So you now find yourself in the angry section of Heroin Helper--the place to go to get more angry. The more knowledge you have, the angrier you'll be. Sorry about that--I just live in the world, I don't make it.

Free Riders
Deep in the heart of middle-class land, middle-class people show they know as much about the drug world as I do the hedge fund world.
The Corpse Under the Bed
The rotting corpse hidden in a motel mattress is a good analogy of society's attempt to hide heroin addicts from public view. The DEA and other agencies exist to spread propaganda meant to keep them hid; they have no interest in stopping drug use because they know as well as everyone else that this is impossible.
Do extremist drugs cause extremist politics or do extremist politics cause extremist drugs? Regardless, our political philosophy would be considered extremist by most people.
Wonderful things I Have Learned From Having Been Fortunate Enough to Spend Most of My Life on the Receiving End of the War on Drugs
Insights from a former heroin addict on the Drug War.
Pure Food and Drug Act
Most people think of the Harrison Narcotics Act as the law that started the federal War on Drugs, but it is really this little law requiring foods and drugs to be labeled that really started it.
White Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling (An Example)
Not Black (Another Example)
The racial profiling nobody is talking about.
Harm Reduction Pretense
Harm reduction that attempts to substitute marijuana for the heroin that junkies prefer is not harm reduction at all--it is just a variant on the current oppressive political system.
Ibogaine Experience
A first hand account of an ibogaine "detox" shows that it is not the miracle cure for addiction that it is so often claimed to be.
Heroin in Mainstream Publishing
Writers of anti-drug books are under no obligation to present objective and correct information.
You can't help everyone. Some people use heroin because they are trying to die.
Worst Crime
Drug use is a worse crime than murder--in fact, if not in law (and increasing in law too).
One Giant Leap Nowhere
Reforms for medical cannabis don't move us anywhere toward drug law reform.
How to Not Remove Fentanyl From Patches
Some thoughts on trying to remove the large quantity of Fentanyl found in patches, for IV use. This is a remarkable article, because it is the closest thing you can find to an anti-drug article anywhere on Heroin Helper.
I Wanna be Gay
Today, being gay is a lot better than being a junkie.
Rant Not Rave
Short political rants about drugs and stuff.
Suffer Fools Badly
Our new section where I stop being polite.
The Drug Reform Coordination Network produces a weekly magazine called The Week Online that publishes stories about drug policy from all over the world. We cull the most interesting articles here.

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